Saturday, 05 March 2005 By Lt Lord Fauntleroy
My travels throughout the world have often led me to the bazaars and taverns of the Arab world. I have visited the Kasbahs of Kuwait and the pyramids of Egypt. I've spreadeagled a hookah in Riyadh. So you can be sure my knowledge of the Arab mind is first rate; I am a savant of the occident if you will.

It seems nowadays the troubles of the Arab world are foremost in the international communities mind. Whether it be the shrouding of their womenfolk in curtains or their penchant for exploding themselves against their perceived enemies; their behaviour is both frightening and bewildering. Their religion, once prized as the jewel amongst the monotheistic faiths is now a byword for horror and abomination.

Why has their culture been laid low and backwards? Because they can’t drink perhaps?

Well I’ve thought long and hard, and finally the answer came to me.

The problem is them.

Thank you and goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.

Lt Lord Fauntleroy.
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