What we need: Another Cultural Revolution

Friday, 29 December 2006 By ZhiZhiYang
Man the more I hear about the crazy Chinky Cultural revolution the more I like it.

Kick ass it was! The Red Guard killed landlords with their bare hands!

Squeezed the Bourgeois till they popped!

The whining “small” businessman reduced to tilling the fields and living on a bowl of rice a day!
I'd love to see it here. First up would be a visit to every religious school. All holy items promptly disfigured with all forms of human excretera.

Grab the little Red Book and march down your street; time to smash the Capitalist!

Hey Merchant Banker I have a broom to clean your innards with. I will give you the fucking Xmas bonus you have been wanting for; up your anus and out your mouth.

Collectivisation of the Fast Food industry; all supervisors will report for the deep oil frying NOW!


One day China will remember Mao and the great Market will collapse in a shit fall of fire.

"what about the thousands that died?"

Fuck 'em. Most deserved it. The rest were in the way. As they will be again when we pin our armbands on and march down your street.
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