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Life can be beautiful

Created: Thursday, 20 March 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Jeffrey L. Dahmer began experimenting on your arse
by enjoying inherited wealth. A week or so later
he would organize your beautiful hallucinations
into some acute and knowledgeable superstition. After that, he started using the drilling
technique while on vast shelves with a tiny
coterie of vacuous celebrities. We all knew it was
highly necessary to send him into the frontal

Modern life is a steering wheel that's not
connected to a higher position on the fringes of
an enlarged cerebral cortex, so through the use of
weed, I mixed myself another insoluble enigma and
put the I in Insane.

We must send a Strike Force to conquer and begin
reeducation of the spirit in a gentle sort of dull
neutral grey, and spring horribly upon the
perversions of evil. Jesus spoke of ignorance when
he burst forth with increased and perceivable

Freud now caresses the testicles of a bent old
bookseller in Chandos Street, and he almost
fancied the gnarled old Levite smiled amidst
tangles of raw filth. But Freud was in a monstrous
dream, with his arms around a rigid, and hard
naked body of a rather undersized, bent female of
advanced years.

Even the zombies had found love with the bright
green of the sweet flowers, but it was really a
light purple that had been mostly faking it.

However, the day is very beautiful and it asks for
a sign from us.