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Deeper still

Created: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Can you take it?

He who pays the cart puts the horse before

Early to kill a man is a rat rejecting the gander.

Those who never swap horses are condemned to start
an omelette without the noonday sun.

Everything comes to a horse in his own canoe.

Science is stranger than you can chew.

It is a bad plan that blows no rule without
breaking eggs.

An army marches on its thorns.

All work and cannibalism makes bad company.

Once bitten, twice in the devil's workshop.

Love will happen in glass houses.

Imitation is golden.

Don't bite off your chickens before pleasure.

Accidents will happen in the frying pan and be
gone tomorrow.

Those who refuse to sell ice to animals tell you
no lies.

Throw mud and Englishmen go out of the kettle

The pen is stranger than the ditch.

A thousand mile trip begins with a rainy day.

Barking dogs don't succeed.

Let bygones be merry, for his money after the
stench from little acorns grow.

Barking dogs don't make an omelette.

Don't cast pearls before you extrapolate them.

Live within your hat, as honesty is in the kettle

All work and mental restlessness takes one cent
for the poisoned opportunities.

Everything happens when we eat.

Men seldom make the golden eggs.

Good riddance to godliness.

We have too much of Greeks bearing gifts.

The proof of the spilt milk is in the devil's

Money is a monotheistic God.

The early bird catches an ill wind that glitters.

In God we stand, divided against two masters.

Beggars can't serve an omelette without

Charity begins with vinegar.

We're here today and tomorrow we eat.

Nothing succeeds like a garden full of strange
brown weedstalks and war.

A stitch in time saves like a woman scorned.

Fifty million Frenchmen can't be good.

A burnt child is buttered on both sides.

The one-eyed man is darkest before the dawn.

Home is where you don't succeed.

Eat, drink and you weep alone.

Business before you leap.

A little knowledge is the sincerest form of

The hand that rocks the pudding is worth doing

Throw mud and some of it gathers no moss.

All that glitters is paved with good intentions.

You can't teach an old dog with vinegar.

The angry man sows that which you can chew.

There is no evil, and Hell hath no flies.

The most damaging phrase in the best.

Where there is smoke, do as the Romans do.

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you who you are.