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Created: Saturday, 26 June 2004 Written by LordyLordyLordy
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eNJOYING An apres tif... Let me put this plain in english:
You is a cunt
and played with you long enough

Take me outside and put me on a plane to Boquba,
got me more yanks to make the fun go far

Oh but we must be strong...those terroristas know when we backdown
every move they watch

well fuck it lets drop the bomb like george clinton and blow dem motherfuckers back to where dey belong

in their tiny midwest streets; in the ghetto; in the barrio; and back in the clapped out middle class business life...

when Bremer left what he proud of:
"I gave them privatization..."

fuck dat; lil johnny should have sent big Jeff!
he'd put em straight
he is a man who can get things done.

slap me now, slap me now...

"we is freeing them like Martin Luther King"
General Powell

yeh. sure bitch.