Friday, 01 April 2005 By Dr Hans von Fritz
It has been 15 years since the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. That evil icon of the Cold War, which bitterly divided the German people from one another. A people of pride and determination. A people who for hundreds of years had shared a culture, a language, a idea.

However since the fall of the wall Germany has found it difficult to re-establish itself as one. Its economy is stalling and illegal immigrants are flooding in. And now recent opinion polls indicate that the more prosperous West Germans feel an underlying resentment of the Eastern Germans.

Could it be the full reconciliation of the divided Germany hasn’t happened because ALL of Germany has not been joined together yet?
The fundamental reason for the resentment between the two halves of Germany is because the vastly weaker economy of Eastern Germany has required a lot of help from the Western half, and this in turn has lead to bitterness of the people of the West with those in the East.

And why was East Germany so weak?

Because at the end of World War 2 Stalin stripped the historically strong economic areas of Pomerania and Silesia from the new East Germany and handed them to Poland. Compensation to the Poles for the wrongs he inflicted on them during the war and the lands he stripped from them on the Russo-Polish border.

Well the Cold War is over now, and has been for fucking 15 years. The time has come for German lands to be given back to Germans! Silesia, Pomerania, Prussia, and Danzig. German for centuries. Filled with Germans and their property and estates; they need to be returned back to the German nation so that Germany can rise again to it’s true status as the powerhouse of New Europe. Taking the western half of the Ukraine can compensate Poland; and by giving the eastern half of Ukraine to Russia the Ukraine problem can be solved.

A strong Germany, with that special work ethic that Germans have, will be a beacon for all of Europe. Especially those countries of Eastern Europe still grappling with their newfound freedom from communism. In fact it may be possible some of these countries could be ‘incorporated’ into a new, larger, Greater Germany. It is obvious that they need some strong direction from a central government and Germans would only be to willing to direct these people so that their economy and freedom can thrive and grow.

How long must Germans be punished for the mistakes of the past? Are they the only ones who ever wanted to rule the world? I think not!

The time is ripe for Germany to spread it’s freedom and democracy into Eastern Europe, it can be the driving force that will modernize the whole region, offering living space for all who need, and deserve, it.

The struggle of the German people, my struggle, can finally be fulfilled with a benevolent German co-prosperity sphere in Eastern Europe offering benefits not only for themselves but the entire world!

Germans awake: your time has come again!
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