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Created: Thursday, 31 May 2007 Written by Serge Rimsitoff
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The gas from their ass is a rarefied treat. From within their bowels are concocted aromatic delights no man can stand.

When World Famous Farters Meet.

Here is a couple:

See how proudly they stand; grasping each others claw so that they can squeeze their sphincters and release another deadly blast that will fill the room.

Dining on camels, sheep eyeballs, and cowboy testicles. They chat, pontificate, and enlighten us all with a new vigour.

When World Famous Farters Meet the world stands to one side, cocks an eye and wonders. Wonders what delights will fill its atmosphere this time. The people of the world congregate and stare at the massive TV screens placed in their Capital Cities. They stare at the wonder of the World Famous Farters.

Since they have met, Greenhouse gases are going down. Counter-intuitive though it may seem, it appears that they have devised new means to limit the methane, the carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide being emitted in their calamitous arse blasts. They are making newer, sweeter, aromatic compounds that won’t threaten our fragile ecosystem.

In fact it will thrive with their new pungent odours.

Don’t believe me? Then look at the graph below, it is quite clear.

Now be happy, for when World Famous Farters Meet we can all sleep in peace.