sometimes i sit at home

Created: Friday, 22 September 2006 Written by Ptolmey Baby
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and pound on my pecker with a hammer on the anvil.

cause; like all evil cause; cant get a root. she wore reddy hair; and I gazed at her arse with a righteous intention.
remember boys in THAT house...there was a safe right?...and on cold cold winter nights danced with the bitches who refused my righteous entreaties.

cunt.cunt.cunt. I'd like to fuck this arab cunt.

a place i visited was a laundrette.

behind our place was another with 2 storeys and a backstair...i'd see it as i pissed out the window and wished for another place.

bed was cunts.

fucking arseholes i aint going anywhere. the best strike we can make is right at home. right at fucking home.

i finger the globe reflectivley; then pay to finger a cunts whore more so.