Pot Head Lunacy!

Saturday, 11 January 2014 By Straight Edge Reporter

Oh Lord! What has Colorado done?


Call them the hippies, the dippies, the god damn yippies. Call 'em whatever you like, they are on their way now because the American state of Colorado has opened the floodgates by legalising pot.


frank resting


Denver Scene -  Another doped up hippy laying about.


Can you believe it? This stuff was banned for a reason you know.

Soon the roads will be full of the drug addled fools blocking my lanes and driving slow. In the shopping malls they will be moping around and gorging themselves on twisties and god knows what else. Mindlessly giggling to each other.

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Look who's smiling now. Well known marijuana pusher Fidel Castro.


No doubt this is the beginning of the end for Western Civilisation. Do you think the Chinks let their kids smoke dope? No bloody way! Soon enough we'll be the ones working the sweatshops, not them.

The silent majority is crying out: who will stop this madness! 

Are there any true leaders man enough to do something?

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