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Election Year Fer Australia! - Happy, Happy, Happy....

Created: Wednesday, 23 February 2022 Written by Ricardovitz
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2022 is Australia's Election Year. And as XenoxNews.com prides itself on giving all voices an opportunity here is our resident Fascist fuckwit Ricardovitz with his pitch to the Australian Electorate.

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Happy Election Year, y'all.

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Ricardovitz being led out of his Hillbilly Shack

Dumbass Lefty, Scott Morrison is goi'n on a apology tour. Yer slick-sissy faggot-boy, Morrison is on his knees apologizin faster 'n Hillary Clinton shat her pants when Trump won. 'N all this here a top Morrison's Iron-Fisted Vaxx Dicatates. Anti-vaccination protesters was fight'n mad outside parliament 'n says they is gonna take over Parlament jest like folks did in Washington Dirt City.


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Ricardovitz's Cabinet Assembles

So, my constituants say 'Nuff is 'Nuff!!! "WE WANT RICARDOVITZ....WE WANT RICARDOVITZ.....RICARDOVITZ FER PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA! I was thar. I heard my people. These here folks need me. Need a leader who will SET THEM FREE from the bonds of dictatorship. FREE ta git thar guns back 'n use them against nefarious crack addicts 'n chromers. Free ta be vaxxed er git the Vid 'n shit thar brains out! Free ta say what they wanna say without no gooberment stooge giv'n 'em a rap on theys heads over it. FREEDOM. RICARDOVITZ - 2022 be thar Year Ricardovits is gonna make Australia Right Again!!!


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