Wednesday, 10 November 2004 By Mr_Beatitude
I sense the woe that has descended upon you my friends due to the recent, err...., outcomes. I empathize with the powerlessness you are now feeling over the local and international political climate. However the futility of attempting to affect worldly and local change over the next 3 -4 years  behooves you to switch your modus operandus, your battle against the deceitful tide.

You have been granted a stay of leave from your worldy concerns for the next three years. It behooves you to turn inward now and for a sustained period, not o­nly to refine and develop your craft but to complete some of your best work.

You will then be able to take o­n the establishment again in a re-envigoured manner after this next stage of your work is complete.

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Mr Beatitude
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