Covid19 Killing Fields in Bloom

Created: Wednesday, 29 April 2020 Written by Max Gross

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Welcome to the new normal!

In Australia, some 800,000 freshly minted unemployed folk have finally had their “jobseeker” claims processed.

Many more have not.

But the loudly advertised “increased” jobseeker payment – which is only now trickling into some bleak bank accounts  – will not be extended beyond the emergency response.



When COVID19 shitsorm passes it will back to the gunnament’s traditional dole-bludger killing fields.

The squeals from newbies will be deafening and I can only hope many windows will be broken.

As for the new so-called “jobkeeper” payment – purportedly a $130 billion wage subsidy scheme – hundreds of thousands of businesses affected by the virus crisis aren’t signing up for it because of its complexity and uncertainty.

“Many are blaming confusing exclusions, uncertainty about which employees will be eligible and the yawning gap between when they must start paying staff and getting reimbursement from the tax office,” according to an ABC News online report.

“Major banks, universities, state and territory agencies and local councils? Out. International workers, 17-year-old casuals? Ineligible. Staff at AFL and NRL clubs, the organisational wings of the Liberal Party and the Labor Party? In.”

Clear as Angus Taylor.

But wait! There’s more!

A Senate probe into the gunnament’s COVID19 response shows that  while $4 billion has been paid to households, superannuation funds have paid out $6 billion.

In other words most of the emergency financial support is coming from people sacrificing their OWN retirement savings, NOT from Sideshow Scott’s sawdust strewn LNP tent.

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So far 2.8 million Australians have apparently downloaded the governments dubious Covid-19 tracing app which remains dogged by privacy concerns and may not even achieve what the gunnament claims it wants it to do.

International travel and mass gatherings will not be resuming ‘anytime soon’ which is great for the atmosphere and the general health of the planet.

Last time I looked, the death toll Down Under from Covid-19 related illnesses was 89.

Yet Sideshow Scott Morrison – the PM – has effectively ordered private schools to resume classroom teaching by June 1 if they wish to access early release of billions of dollars in gunnament funding.

Isn’t that blackmail?

Meanwhile, his children remain at home, not in school.

Sideshow Scott also hopes the virus crisis has cast a pall of memory loss on the population but we have NOT forgotten the LNP crime syndicate’s seemingly endless game of rorts or Angus Cayman’s “well done” scams.

Imagine what the buggers are getting away with under cover of this pandemic!

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The Chlorinated Idiot

Elsewhere in the world,  the US – by far worst affected by COVID19 – has passed 1 million confirmed cases.

The death toll in is now at more than 57,000 people.

The total death toll in British hospitals – which is all the COVID19 deaths they count! – is 21,678.

Confirmed deaths in Brazil have exceeded the “known” toll in China.

“The Brazilian health ministry reports 474 more deaths in a 24-hour period, taking the total to 5,017,” according to The Guardian online.

Johns Hopkins researchers estimate at least 3,090,844 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus worldwide and at least 215,063 have died.

Thoughts and prayers???

But even if and when a vaccine for COVID19 is developed, this thing will be with us for years to come. Its health, social and economic repercussions reverberating into the future like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond.

There will be no “snapping back” to what Sideshow Scott and his fellow fraudsters consider “normal”.

And that can only be for the better.

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