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“Daggy Dad’s” Covid Army

Created: Wednesday, 09 February 2022 Written by Max Gross

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After going back to school in New South Wales as instructed by the government, more than 3,000 people – about 2,400 students and more than 600 school workers – tested positive to Covid in the first week of term. Just 43.2% of primary school-aged children have received their FIRST dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

As if Australia needs yet another Covid-19 crisis!

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Daggy Dad PM? Nah! Creepy Uncle!

Today’s news reports another 20 people have died in NSW. The state has recorded 10,312 positive Covid cases. 1,906 people are in hospital, 132 in intensive care. Twenty-one people have died in Victoria, which recorded 9,908 new Covid cases yesterday. A total of 542 people are in hospital, 71 in intensive care and 27 on ventilators. Twenty four more people have died in Queensland. 16 of the Covid-related deaths were in aged care. It’s the state’s highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. The state has recorded 6,900 new cases. South Australia reported 1,671 new Covid cases and two more deaths.

Writing in The Guardian, Richard Denniss – chief economist at independent thinktank the Australia Institute – points out the obvious: “The recent decision to make rapid antigen tests tax-deductible, rather than free, will deliver nothing to low-paid essential workers and big savings to high-income earners. How very Morrison government.”

Meanwhile, attempting to mimic the convoy of crazies in Canada, Aussie wingnuts, fuckwits and Fascists in their hundreds continue to “protest” outside Parliament House in Canberra against vaccination, masks, sensible precautions and sanity.

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And with Aged and Disability Care in crisis across Australia, the insidious Morrison LNP government has been sprung hiding a major report into the state of the “care workforce” in Australia since September last year, and is refusing to make the report public. Instead, it announced it will send Australian Defence Force personnel into aged care homes, with up to 1,700 troops being deployed to prop up a system near collapse and to “help stabilise outbreaks and support staff shortages”.

Third World stuff!

What an admission of abject failure by the government which is soley responsible for overseeing the privatised Aged Care industry. And it IS an industry, making a few people extremely wealthy, one of whom is billionaire LNP donor Kerry Stokes who owns the the Seven Network, among many other businesses. Reminder: In April 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Stokes and his wife were granted a highly dubious exemption from hotel quarantine after returning from a skiing trip in Colorado, unlike mere plebians, despite strict State and Federal laws at the time.

It’s not a republic yet but, under the increasingly far right LNP, Australia is definitely a Banana Kakistocracy.

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