Created: Saturday, 27 May 2006 Written by Chato
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Evil monkey almost destroys a small and
poor neighbour nation in his savage
non-core quest for the black heart of
the Ostrichlian nation.

The piss-poor foreign relations policies
of the Howardland PM (Performing Monkey)
have led to a catastrophic security
situation in East Timor.

In a typical non-core attempt to deflect
the blame, Uncle Suckhole showed his
sociopathic lack of remorse once again.

"In my valiant attempt to protect decent
Ostrichlian consumers from the terror of
Wages of Mass Destruction, I had to
withdraw any support from East Timor and
relocate non-core military forces to
fight the savage Christian war against
Islam, and for oil, in Iraq.
It is merely bad luck that the East
Timorese bludgers drew a bad card when
they relied on my support.
I shall retrieve the situation that my
criminal negligence has caused by
pretending to be a saviour of the poor
and downtrodden Timorese.
(I have noticed that my dissembling
always fools retarded Oz consumers!)"