Created: Tuesday, 17 October 2006 Written by Chato
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Johnny, the unflushable turd, smears himself
over even more areas of Oz life in his war
of terror against living things.

First it is smeared over the weakest, and
then the new Howardland filth is smeared
over all of you, my little dullards.

New police-state thrills soon coming to you:

*Random house-searches based on the merest
possibilty that you filled in a form improperly,
or failed to fill in a form, or your "friends"
report you for being "different", or you once
received welfare payments, or you are now
receiving welfare or government payments.

*Once the new Ozzi Stupid-Card ID has been
forced onto losers and found "acceptable"
the rest of the Oz dullards will get it.

*Biometric and DNA data will be collected
from all Oz dullards as a matter of urgent
"national security".

*Conscription and "military service for the dole"
will be instituted when you least expect it.