Created: Sunday, 12 November 2006 Written by Chato
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PM pushes through powerful legislation to
protect the Ostrichlian way of life.

PM Hogturd has been forced to act to prevent
a sinister development in Oz society.

S.S. (Social Security) officers from Ozzi
Zenterlink Correction Services, have
informed arse-sucking John, of the looming
threat that elderly pensioners form, to
the righteous, property-owning, God-fearing
gentry of Ostrichlia.

PM Hogturd, the genital wart-virus infected
thing, crawled out of his taxpayer funded
spider-hole to reveal how he is forcing
through an emergency decree, and a powerful
enabling act, to keep his adoring dullard
public safe from subversive, elderly
cripples cheating on GST payments:-

"Please let me share a great new adventure
in welfare-reform with you. A special type
of police called the Einsatzgruppen shall
soon be unleashed onto the rotten old
cripples that are plundering the public
purse by refusing to be productive members
of the glorious Howardland.
Do not be alarmed at the violent sound of
splintering doors in the early hours of the
mornings. Let me assure you that any human
resource receiving correction from
Zenterlink staff is an evil creature! We
cannot be too stern when it comes to
imposing order onto the public."

Kim Bigbagoshitzly offered to help the
Hogturd regime in its quest to return
welfare payments to their proper use of
financing global warfare.