Created: Tuesday, 05 December 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz gets value from the Halliburton owned
Adelaide-Darwin atomic-waste rail link,
and helps its friends.

"A very proud day for our once was a nation!
I feel almost as proud as when George
initiated me with the sacred phallus of
power, and I gave my valuable soul to the
Dark Lord for safekeeping!"

So raved Emperor John Hogturd, the plucky
little genital wart-virus infected
Radioactive Rodent.

He had just secured a bargain purchase of
hundreds of tons of high-level radioactive
waste from the Yoo-Ess-Ay, thereby launching
Oz into the Chernobyl-age. This purchase
puts icing on the depleted uranium cake that
US forces are baking in the northern Oz
military bombing ranges.
(Next May/June will see Oz host the largest
Oz/USA military exercises we've ever had in
peacetime. Talisman Sabre 07.)

Twitching with the excitement of advanced
senile dementia, and leaking unspeakable
radioactive substances into his pants, the
little lunatic crowed on.

"Now you know what we did with the GST and
the pilfered welfare money! Soon the public
shall taste the tang of atom-boosted sewage
in their tap water, but we may need some new
taxes and levies to help Oz buy even more of
this valuable stuff from our friends - where
are my critics now?"