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Created: Tuesday, 30 January 2007 Written by Editor Numb Nuts
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Australia's flag is under attack again. After a week of abuse and hatred from the Rock'n'Roll glitterati XenoxNews has uncovered another insult to our national banner.

Flag Shitters.

This symbol of Australian greatness has been abused, burnt, spat upon, and now is being openly defiled with human waste.

How much more does our flag have to bear?

Well here at XenoxNews.com we have had enough.

We are declaring war on these heinous flag shitters.
Our flag is our Nation's temple. It should not be sullied. It should not be removed from a flag pole, carefully laid out on the ground, and defecated on.

It's for tying on, not farting on!

If reports are true it seems that hundreds of shit strewn Aussie Rags have been found in recent days. Every Tom, Dick and Abdul is having a go at doing a poo on the flag.

Well it has to stop now. We will hunt down these flag shitters and name and shame them so you, dear reader, can see for yourself who has stooped so low as to drop a borrie on the Aussie Glory.

We ask for your help. If you spot a flag with skid marks. If you see some loony squatting suspiciously over a flag. If your local RSL is missing its flag. If you step in something smelly, brown, and blue.

Tell us. Send in a pic. Send in a name.

Join us in our War on Flag Shitters!