Thursday, 10 June 2004 By Patriot
The rest of the world fell into line behind the Coalition of the Willing with the unanimous backing of the British sponsored resolution on Iraq by the UN today. Spontaneous celebratory gunfire was heard throughout Baghdad on the announcement of this great news. This resolution once and for all supports the brave moves by the Coalition of the Willing in overthrowing the despotic regime of Saddam and the bringing of freedom to Iraq. It rescinds all previous opposition to the liberation of Iraq by members of the Security Council and approves all moves made by the US in installing democratic values into this now vibrant, business minded, nation.

And the resolution also leaves a lot of egg on a lot of faces; including ALP leader and opportunistic anti-American Mark Latham and XenoxNews resident bleeding heart leftie Max Gross. They moaned and groaned that those gosh-darned Yanks must be upto something evil, but it seems that once again their paranoid fantasies have been exposed as just that. PM Howard was quite correct in proclaiming the UN resolution a great day for Iraq and the world.

Now all that remains is for Australia's brave diggers to stay the course and finish the job they were sent to Iraq to do: make a shining example of freedom and democracy for the Islamic world in Iraq.

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