Saving the Nation (again)

Created: Sunday, 24 June 2007 Written by Chato
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Transcript from a non-core speech by John Howard PM:
"Protecting Christian Howardland Family Values."

Text of non-core speech by John Howard PM:
"Protecting Christian Howardland Family Values."

My fellow - err - other Australians.
It is my sad duty to tell you, that once again the
same people who attacked the Sydney Harbour Bridge
and the Opera House with impoverished terrorists,
have been attacking the moral fibre and Family
Values of Howardland Christians.

I will call my crusading Howardland Christians
onto the streets to protect their fondest values,
those things that have first place in their hearts
and minds - money and sex. There is no time to
hesitate before we race into a moral panic.

It seems that indigenous terrorists have taken
over an activity reserved for the rock-solid
Christian clergy - the tradition of abusing
children in disgusting ways for pleasure.
They were not even joining the clergy first!

I have reliable information from sources in
Washington USA, that indigenous people have
infiltrated Australia from the north, and they
have brought pornography reserved for Canberra
citizens into the white-heart of our Christian
nation to aid them in building up arsenals of
Weapons of Mass Destruction!
I repeat:
Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Unfortunately, this time we failed to intercept
the M.V. Tampa before these heathen terrorists
were unloaded onto the pure Christian shores of
Australia under the sneaky cover of dark skins.

We now have no choice but to suspend the
forthcoming Federal Election, and to rapidly apply
the NWO ID Card to all human resources. Obviously
all indigenous terrorists will need to have a
barcode tatooed onto their foreheads.

Based on information I have received from my usual
sources, the ringleader of this regime is that
terrible dictator Albert "Saddam" Namatjira!
I am determined to topple that terrible dictator
Albert "Saddam" Namatjira from his pedestal.
I don't care what he has painted, or where he is
buried, he must be sent back to his spider-hole in
Iraqistan! Any indigenous people who don't like
this can leave, and go back to their homelands!

This is all about protecting those precious
Christian Howardland Family Values and also
about protecting those Property Values.
It has nothing to do with an election stunt, or
any of my other concealed motives and plans.
Nor is it connected in any way with my covert
hostility, or my pathological lying.