Friday, 22 October 2010 By Porn Lover

Chief Nose Picker Stephen Conroy appears to have nudity and pornography on the brain.

Conroy was caught out with a Freudian slip while under pressure during question time when he referred in parliament this week to: "nude DSL"

Conroy's language suggests that he has a penchant for looking at nudity on the internet while simultaneously campaigning for strict internet filtering. Given these facts the term "nude DSL" is certain to enter our dictionaries defining "an individual who postures as an anti-porn crusader while being a closet porn lover".

"He was a nude DSL-er"



This new term is now enshrined in publications worldwide with Stephen Conroy credited for its introduction to our language:“nude+DSL

I am sure that the "NO GST on Tissues Party" will be delighted with the prospect of a National Nude DSL Network! (NNDN)

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