Tony "Fracking" Abbott

Monday, 06 February 2012 By Correspondent
Dimwit Tony Abbott must be determined to become hated by more and more Australians as he continues to spruke for the coal seam gas and fracking industry.

Again he has come out wildly swinging for his corporate mentors with a show of full support for industrial practises that could contaminate the Great Artesian Basin (the only reliable source of freshwater through much of inland Australia) and destroy the Greeat Barrier Reef.

As if the mining magnates are not making enough money, Abbott will allow them to increase their profits unchallenged, while destroying one of life's essentials: clean water.

Leaving Abbott out for a moment, I wonder what her shoeless highness Gillard has been doing to prevent the destruction of our most important human requirement. In 2009 fracking by the Queensland Gas Company accidentally contaminated the Springbok aquifer in the Western Darling Downs. One would think that the Australian Greens call for a moratorium on Coal Seam Gas mining should be embraced as a matter of importance. 

Watch video trailer for gasland

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