Monday, 27 October 2003 By agitprop
"Police dog bites cop outside Parliament House. Inside, Bob Brown breaks through a Coalition human shield to shake the hand of George Bush. The Australian people see the unprecedented scuffle between OUR politicians in OUR parliament because CNN defied orders from our government not to film in our Parliamentary chamber."

Now that the crank pResident of the Mutated States of Duhmerica - that hairball in the gullet of Western Democracy - has had his anxious sleep-over in the puppet-state of Awstralia, I planned to post a post-mortem on the Web's only trully democratic site: xenoxnews.com.

Coup-leader Dim Dubya's weird, contorted expression during the televised Parliamentary charade said it all. He seemed bemused. Maybe confused (So many foreign places, so little knowledge!).

I suspect he was probably just plain old bored out of his anal-retentive fucken little mind.

But the sicko-phantic behaviour of BOTH sides of the House sent me sprinting for the out-house.

I longed to express my angry dismay with a fun-loving, freedom-filled, fucked-up Xenox News spray!
But after reading my fave babe journo Margo Kingston's gutsy, honest report, I realised I could do no better.

So, people of the world, go here for a great overview of that fucken Texas idiot's patronising and blissfully fleeting visit Downunder:

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