Saturday, 30 April 2005 By Chato
Old Mother Howard went to the
cupboard to get the poor public a
bone. When she got there... Of
course the cupboard was bare! Shock!
Horror! Who took the money? I know
who did it - the bloody welfare
bludgers took it, let's punish the
bastards. It's a very funny thing that as
NEOCON governments have been
boasting about great economic
management, windfall tax takes
(GST), money available for all their
special causes, their special
friends, wars, military contracts,
and after privatizing nearly all
public assets, they discover almost
in UNISON that there is no money for
public welfare.

As if that isn't strange enough, for
some stranger reason most welfare
recipients around the world have
SIMULTANEOUSLY become putrid
bludgers of the worst kind! People
we can all be taught to HATE

It seems that as the numbers of
these foul thieves have become
swollen overnight by some GLOBAL
mystic force, some drastic remedy
must be applied soon! The Aussie
remedy seems to be "punish" (their
word) these wretches by making them
work most of a week for the dole.

Now some old cynic might think that
it could become very convenient for
the government and their corporate
buddies to allow this class of
people to become an ever larger
percentage of the workforce once
this "punishment" regime is in

But then, we know governments and
the marketplace would never allow
such an evil thing, don't we?

I'll make a mention of the awful
workers who injure themselves in the
workplace merely to place their poor
employer under a financial burden!
Neocons are gonna fix that too!
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