America Behind the Barricades and the Times!

Created: Wednesday, 19 June 2002 Written by blix
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We know why that ignorant fuck Presidunce Bush, his minders, and the United Snakes of America are against the creation of an International Criminal Court: the USA has crimes against humanity to answer for in its vicious roles in Vietnam, Salvador, Libya and Iraq, to name just a few. Indeed, one of the first to be charged before such a court would surely be that villainous old bastard child of Adolf's Germany, Henry Kissinger. And there are a few still-living ex-Presidents with blood on their hands.

There is a case to answer for in Afghanistan too, a poor, benighted but “sovereign” state attacked by the US in blind revenge for the Saudi attacks on New York.

But why is Australia against such a court?

Well, when Washington says jump, Canberra doesn’t ask how high, it puffs out its chest and says we can jump even higher!

Former Federal Minister for Aged Care (and didn’t she do a sterling job on that lot!) Bronwyn Bishop’s claim that Australia’s sovereignty is at stake is obvious bullshit. I guess all that chemical shit in her golden pomade finally ate into what little brain she had.

If the malodorous Howard Government is so concerned about our national sovereignty, what then do we make of its utter failure to insist on the return of Aussie citizens currently held captive on that anachronistic Yank outpost in Cuba, the US Army’s stronghold at Guantanamo Bay?

Australian citizens are being held there by the United States without charge, without legal representation, without trial, without any outside contact at all.

Whatever the reason for them being in Afghanistan, these blokes were clearly simply in the wrong place at the wrong time!

The US Army kidnapped them during its latest military adventure in Afghanistan at the behest of those who call the shots – literally – in Washington.

In the US, as has become the case here in Australia, the military was ever a political tool.

Prime Miniature Howard’s objection to the establishment of the ICC has nothing to do with maintaining Australian sovereignty.

If ever we had it, we gave it away long ago to the USA. Those venal Yanks have been screwing us since the Second World War (Remember, our good mate General MacArthur?). Prior to that, of course, the Brits were screwing us, and we enjoyed it enormously (Remember Gallipoli? We still can’t get enough!)

Sovereignty, bullshit!

We need only look to Prime Miniature Howard’s gushing praise during his recent visit to Washington. Even Presidunce Bush looked embarrassed and did his best to conceal the hickey on his neck. Who is this fucking guy? he was heard to whisper into his shoe.

No, apart from a pathetic, limp-wristed reference to the usual US obstruction to actual bi-lateral trade between our two “sovereign” nations, the Little Man of Australian politics was brown-nosing it big-time.

Aussie farmers should be bloody furious, as should our steel producers and other primary goods exporters. Their livelihoods are being sacrificed just so that dickhead Johhny can briefly sit at the same table as the adults. He thinks! And isn’t he chuffed!

You can see it in his beady little eyes: finally, I’m not only Prime Minister, I got to meet the US President too! I must update my scrapbook! Christ, what a deadshit!

Never mind Howard’s vomitous address to Congress; there was scarcely a Congressman in the place to hear him, only junior bureaucrats and clerks sent to fill the seats.

Sovereignty be damned! Let’s cast off that rotten dead-rat reference to those in-bred prats the English monarchy. Let’s go for Aussie gold. Let’s stand up as an independent nation!

And let’s have an independent world court with the power to charge and try war criminals regardless of their citizenship.

That means you, Henry, you vicious old fuck!