Friday, 26 July 2002 By Correspondent
With the Democrats imploding a need has arisen for a real 3rd political party in Australia. One that won't kow tow to the powerful interests that run this country.
And that party will be the Xenox Anna Party! We will give the citizens of this wanna be 2nd rate dump a real choice.
No licking arses in Washington or Beijing.
No brown nosing with the ACTU.

Our strong leadership will give a rudder to the rudderless, a banner to the lost, and an orgasm to the beautiful!

We will have a clear and firm immigration policy:
"We'll take the niggers and the chinks but we won't take the Irish!"

A free teddy bear for all children!

We will tax the rich and torch their houses!

And as for those self-proclaimed kings of public opinion?

We will place sharp objects up Alan Jones and John Laws rectums and demand they continue broadcasting!

We will shave Neil Mitchell's beard and make him dance naked ahead of next years Mardi Gras parade!

And we will allow any dickhead the right to own a TV station, not just the 3 dickheads who own them now!

So who is gunna join us?
People of Australia awake and unite with us on our crusade to Canberra!
All you have to lose is your mortgage and sanity!

Tex Lumbago
Fuhrer of Xenox Anna Party.

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