Created: Sunday, 01 December 2002 Written by blix
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Fuck you Liberal wankers!

Yes! The predicted landslide to surprise Premier circa '99 Steve Bracks was even greater than expected, but given the lack of substance - or credibility - in the Liberal ranks, this weekend's Victorian poll results should be no surprise at all. Pineapple faced Lib "leader" Bob Doyle the boil looked suitably teary-eyed admitting his party's early demise on election night, but his brief, self-centred remarks just underscored the reason Victorians cast a pox on him and his ilk en masse in no uncertain terms: the conservative Lib mentality of "born-to-rule" is well and truly on the nose, folks. Fuck them and the donkey they rode in on!

Bracks is a lousy speaker, almost bloody incompetant without speech notes, and his version of Labor philosophy is pretty limp, but his victory address was generous, inclusive and "humble"... yeah, we all know he'd rather get on the roof and yell "Fuck you, Kennett!", but that ain't his style.

For the first time in Victoria's history, it seems we have a Labor government with a controlling majority in both chambers. This can only be good news, given the degenerate 'born-to-rule" antics of successive self-serving Lib/Nat regimes, the worst and most destructive of which was that of Der Jeff, ex-Premier, ex-radio mouth, ex-entity and full-time arsehole. Next stop for Der Jeff: used car sales.

As for Steve Bracks, people no doubt confirmed his government because of some of the things he didn't do.

Steve didn't abuse anybody, didn't slander anybody, didn't smirk, insult, harass and intimidate anybody. In fact, our Hymie did his best to get everyone on side. And that he did in an unprecedented election triumph for Labor.

With Upper House reform on the cards at long last, one thing's for sure: Victoria, welcome to Democracy!