Australia A Republic At Last!

Created: Sunday, 23 November 2003 Written by TEX LUMBAGO
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Why else would our glorious PM officiate at all our major events?
We see him more then the Nth Koreans do Dear Leader Kim Jong Ill! AT the RWC there was Mr Magoo handing out the silverware again. Too bad he was handing it out to the wrong side. Or was he? I mean our flag; their flag. There is not much difference.
I'd like to take that flag or any flag and wipe that fucking shit stain right out! All image of our glorious leader needs to be spunked on day and night.
Truly a fucking worm he has bent over his Mr Magoo arse and asked for a right royal fuck me here from that mental midget George W please do what thou wilt!

What a limp dicked wonder! Love to see that worm on the front row. Against the Georgians I'm backing a winner!