Why the fuck is the Rodent in Iraq?

Created: Monday, 26 April 2004 Written by agitprop
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With scarcely an idea of his own o­n the issue of occupied Iraq, our slippery PM slipped into Baghdad Airport "to attend an Anzac Day service", and o­nce again mimicked his mad master and commander George Enron Bush.

No plastic turkey for a Thanksgiving photo op this, this was slimey Johnny Suckhole doing what he does best: politicising something normally held by all Aussies to be above politics. 

Engorged with his own power-lust, the L'i'l Bastard has politicised the public sector, the Defence Forces, the Federal Police, and the Intelligence services.

And now Australia's annual moment of sacred fantasy: Anzac Day!

Johnny's irresponsible quicky trip in-out of Baghdad had nothing to do with Aussies o­n the front line and everything to do with the PM o­n the front page.

Once a rodent, always a rodent, gnawing away at the nation's threadbare social fabric! Bring o­n the fuckin election!