Throw the Rodent Overboard!

Wednesday, 01 September 2004 By Max Gross
So Australia’s caring and sharing federal parliamentary secretary for health Trish Worth believes mandatory imprisonment of asylum seekers is comparable to quarantine requirements for dogs and cats?!

Slip of the tongue, Trish, or just the natural expression of Howard Government philosophy where refugees and unemployed workers are dehumanised, treated like cattle, misrepresented, and kicked around for party political purposes?

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According to her puffed-up little toad of a boss John W Howard PM "Trish is the most compassionate person imaginable”?

Well, I can imagine a far more compassionate person: Captain Arne Rinnan, skipper of the Norwegian merchant ship Tampa, who rescued 433 refugees from their flimsy, sinking vessel in the run-up to our last federal election.

John Howard, however, is the mean and tricky bastard who sent in commando’s against terrified non-combatants, threatened the master of Tampa who was doing his duty, changed Australian law on-the-run in order to abrogate Australia's international obligations, and incarcerated men, women and children in isolated concentration camps.

And these poor buggers were fleeing from Sadaam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq, and the oppressive religious fanaticism of the Taliban in Afghanistan!

No doubt the Rodent and his brood of rabid Tory rats would have preferred the Tampa refugees to drown like those on Siev-X, the boat that sank in October 2001 in Australian-patrolled waters with the loss of 353 asylum-seekers. How’s that for compassion!

Think you’re being “misrepresented”, Trish? Think you’re being “demonised”? Think you’re the victim of a “dirty tricks” campaign? Well, now you know how the asylum seekers must feel.

Here’s a suggestion, Trish: stand up for your purported principles and nail the “lying rodent” for the mean and tricky old bastard that he is.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, barking mad!!

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