Aussie Leader Howard ontop of Terror Outrage

Created: Sunday, 12 September 2004 Written by Patriot
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Aussie PM Joh Howard strode to the front as Australia struggled with it's biggest direct assault since the Japanese bombed Darwin in 1942. The Islamo-fascists cowardly set off a bomb outside the Jakarta Embassy in an attempt to derail Australia's strong role in the war on terrorists. But, resolute as ever, PM Howard declared that he would not be intimidated by terror.

Obviously this is a lesson opposition leader Mark Latham needs to learn as he bends over backwards to appease the terrorists of Iraq!

Now is the time Australia can send a message to those murdering maniacs of Indonesia, Chechnya, and Iraq. We won’t be bowed. We won’t be cowed. We will vote for Howard and YOU THE TERRORISTS will reap the consequences!