Ambidextrous bi-quad runs for senate

Friday, 01 October 2004 By Pervis
Little known but well loved bi-quad Arthur Lynch has become a firm favourite for a senate seat in the coming federal election. Arthur James Lynch of Redfern has emerged as the belle d'jour of the 2004 Australian election campaign. Lynch, who spent the better part of his life as an Opaque Watercolor Fundamentalist, has now found admiration amongst the Redfern constituency as a savvy business analyst. Whilst also offering his erudite analysis to the police force his contribution toward crime solving has now earned Lynch the endorsement of the Redfern police academy.

Constable John Pearce of Redfern police station has heralded Arthur Lynch as a new force in Australian politics. Discussing the relationship between workplace culture and learning Pearce illustrated how Lynch had recently demonstrated how the Meister system could be elevated beyond the usual technologies and diversification increased in not only the workplace but in Redfern residents daily lives.

Norma Ingram, a long-serving Redfern community member who has helped establish Murawina and other services in Redfern, emphasised at yesterday's launch that Arthur had shown a balance between the negative publicity transmitted to the public by media juxtaposed with the humanity that Australians have been desperately seeking from their political leaders.

Xenox News would also like to endorse Arthur's candidacy and we suggest that all citizens take note of the humanity and erudite method that people like Arthur Lynch can bring to solving modern day Australian societal and cultural issues.

The standard has been set ladies and gentleman and all naysayers should heed the warning.

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