The Rodent's Telstra Tantrums

Created: Friday, 17 June 2005 Written by agitprop
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The Rodent and his brood of maggot-brained zombies have puffed themselves up into another of their sanctimonious "how dare you" lathers over criticism of their planned sell-off of Telstra's corpse.

The National Farmers Federation - not exactly a bunch of chardonnay-quaffing Lefties - reckon the Howard government has ignored most of the recommendations made in the 2003 Telstra inquiry. And in some rural areas service has got even worse! The cartoon Communications Minister Senator Helen Wellenmellon Coowee says der fuhrer has spent over $1 billion on "rural and regional services". Yeah, right, on fucken marginal Liberal electorates! But what about the bloody phones, you dumb bitch!

And that fucken idiot Deputy PM, Nationals "leader", and running joke Jerk Anderson says the Government is proud of its shoddy response to the Telstra inquiry.

Well, it fucken would be, wouldn't it?

For a decade the Rodent and his zombies have been proud of kicking the poor in the guts, locking up terrorised refugees - including their kids - in Aussie-style "gulags", and lying through their pointy yellow teeth on just about any issue of relevance... But they're especially proud of their enthusiastic blow-job and suckhole technique, perfected in its "relationship" with George Fuckyou Bush's good old U.S. of Anal Retention.

Farmers must be wondering what bloody party this clown Anderson thinks he's in.

One things for sure, no matter how shitty telecommunications services remain in the bush, the Rodent will sell Telstra's corpse to the lowest bidder. It's policy, not reason that's driving this fucken thing!

And you know the funniest fucken part in all this phoney government huffing and puffing? Most of those enraged farmers probably voted for the Rodent! And the fucken bastard knows it!