Thursday, 30 June 2005 By Staff Reporter

Aging Aussie PM John Howard issued a stark warning for his fellow Australians today. He said that while the situation in Iraq was now not like the Vietnam War it could resemble that conflict in an important way if the occupying Coalition of the Willing troops left Iraq before the job was done.

"What happened when the North Vietnamese terrorists took over the whole of Vietnam? Every gook and his dog jumped into his boat and headed to Australia! And this could happen if we fail to finish the job in Iraq."


The 2nd oldest World Leader said he had staked his job on keeping unwanted aliens out of Australia and that was one reason he was staying the course in Iraq with American President George W Bush.

Said 70 year old PM Howard: “We all know that if our diggers left too early Iraq would fall apart and that would lead to tens of thousands of Iraqis fleeing their country. And you and I know that the vast majority would want to try and get into the greatest nation on earth; Australia.”

He said the best way to ensure that Australia wouldn’t be flooded with these “refugees” was to stay the course in Iraq and keep Aussie troops protecting Japanese soldiers who were building things for an American company in the newly liberated nation.
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