Gross Distortion & Misrepresentation

Created: Thursday, 07 July 2005 Written by agitprop
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The ABC News Online site reports that our slippery, slimy PM rejects union criticism of his Industrial Relations "reforms", just as he rejects everything else that has proved him so bloody wrong over so many bloody years. As if butter wouldn't melt in his bile-filled mouth, the Rabid Rodent has the fucken balls to accuse trade unions of "gross distortion and misrepresentation" in their campain to expose the Liarberal Government's plans to erode worker's wages, conditions and rights!

Distortion? Misrepresentation? Proven lies stacked one on top of the other?

Johnny, you are the fucken Master of the Bullshit Universe.

Everytime the Rodent and his robots spout the word "reform" you know you're about to get screwed again!