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Created: Sunday, 10 July 2005 Written by Chato
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A pretty tale to soothe the savage
impulses of those with softening
of the brain, who seek a sense of
safety by abdicating their own
mental faculties and who wish to
be gently guided through their
confusing worlds by their saintly
and truthful leaders.

Once upon a time there were three
wise men. These men were entirely
guided by concern for the little
lives that inhabited the nations
of which they were the kings.
They were named:
King Moe Bush, King Curly Howard
and King Larry Blair.

One beautiful, bright day as King
Moe was caring for the sick and
poor, he heard the awesome voice
of God calling him.
"King Moe! King Moe! Go and save
the World and punish all the very
naughty people and make everybody
safe and wealthy."

Being a very good little king,
Moe gaily skipped across the road
to see his good mates Curly and
Larry to help him make the plan
to save the World.

King Curly of Oz sternly pledged
to never-ever tell a lie, and
King Larry of Thatcherland also
made the same pledge. But because
nobody could tell whether King
Moe of Godland was actually lying
or telling the truth anyway, he
pledged to never hurt anybody or
be part of any bad Global
conspiracy against the interests
of decent people.

So the three good little kings,
singing a very happy song,
skipped down the yellow-brick
road and set out to save the
unhappy old World.

They first of all gave all the
naughty people lots of lovely
money and made them promise to
never-ever be naughty again.
They left the naughty people
laughing with joy.

Then they bombed all the poor and
unhappy raghead people with lots
of lovely lollie-bombs dropped
from pretty flying machines that
had happy, smiling faces painted
on them. Ho! Ho! they all had
a very jolly time indeed.

When the three good little kings
got back home they saw their
people were all living on
Sugarcandy Mountain, and were all
wealthy, healthy, happy and
very-very safe.

So that was the story of how the
three good kings saved us all,
and how all the people of the
world lived happily ever after.

Now wasn't that nice?