Created: Thursday, 14 July 2005 Written by Chato
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The gourmets of Oz have demanded
a great new dream food, and now
democratic market forces are
about to give the public what
they want.
The morons of Ostrichlia will
soon have the unique experience
of eating a true product of Oz.
They wanted it, and now they will
get it good and hard.

The market shelves will be full
of "SOYLENT BROWNS", a food
entirely produced from
Ostrichlian substances by the
"Human and animal waste
management company".

This peculiar and expensive food
was endorsed by professor Scrotum
of the I.P.A. (Institute of
Putrid Affairs).

"Stern market forces demand that
we utilize Human Resources and
animal products for the maximum
corporate profit, and we were
delighted to discover that the
task of persuading people to eat
this stuff was made easy by the
fact that Ostrichlians actually
PREFER to eat this type of