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Created: Sunday, 21 August 2005 Written by Chato
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The little worker's friend just
keeps setting records, in a time
of new definitions of prosperity.
Some say that when the plucky
little Oz suckhole was found to
be paying the senior boys at
Suckholebury High School to let
him fondle their private parts,
he was exhibiting qualities that
inevitably would make him a great
Oz leader.

His records keep on coming, and
they just keep on paying greater
dividends to his adoring public.

Now look at this:

* Total Oz debt is highest ever.

* Housing costs are highest ever.

* Transport and petrol costs are
highest ever.

* Medical and hospital costs are
highest ever.

* Deaths and injuries caused by
medical and pharmaceutical
"accidents" are highest ever.

* The number of people going
psycho because they cannot take
any more joy is the highest

* The number of people in very
insecure employment is the
highest ever.

* Foreign ownership of Oz assets
is highest ever.

* Oz personal savings have been
reduced more than ever.

* Oz tax collections are the
highest ever (thank you GST).

* Degradation of the national
infrastructure is highest ever.

* Military expenditure on the
wars of other nations is set to
become a new record soon.

* H5N1 style Bird Flu is on its
way, and the Oz Govt has no real
plan other than to let the
infected bludgers die at home.

If that is not enough, we can
look forward to timed local calls
after Telstra is put fully in the
hands of the mates who know
exactly what to use it for.

Wait! There's more! Soon the Oz
workforce will rejoice at the
increased stern competition that
will be provided by Chinese slave
labour via the "Oz-China FTA".

We can't wait to experience the
Coalition-led Global Financial
Collapse that promises to be a
strangely compelling experience
provided to the Oz public at
absolutely *NO EXTRA FEE*

Could it possibly get any better
than this?

Yes it could! Just wait for news