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Created: Saturday, 03 September 2005 Written by Chato
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The nightmare intensifies!
Intimidatory rhetoric spews from
the Canberra pit of Hell and the
rent-free lair of putrid cheats,
"Suckabilly House".
Howardland "einsatzgruppen" are
being set upon the impoverished
non-aspirational underclass
undesirables as the nation
prepares for a violent suckhole
led economic collapse.
The lawless and extreme, rapist
kleptocracy of Ostrichlia, under
orders from the slimy non-core
little American cheat and totally
rotten turd-streaked suckhole,
Emperor Judas Homunculus,
(a recipient of the American
"GOOD OL' QUISLING" award) has
issued stern warnings to the sick
and the poor of Ostrichlia.

Survival is no longer an option,
for the poor, and surviving shall
be regarded as the most serious
form of theft of wealth already
claimed by the Howardland
merchant bankers, real-estate
pimps, various slimy racketeers
dimwit professionals, shock-jocks
and rich parasitic suckholes who
have been actively sodomizing the
country for decades.

The invisible opposition leader
and champion of the downtrodden,
Kismet Gasbagzly responded
sternly to this latest attack
directed at decent human beings.

"It is rarely that I object to
the policies of the Homunculus
Kleptocracy, but I shall object
sternly this time.
In my considered opinion, that I
have considered for some time
(and believe me when I say that,
because I would like to believe
it myself someday), market-forces
have been given insufficient
freedom to sternly punish the
bloated and useless unproductive
cheats in this society who have
become accustomed to living off
the taxpayers of this nation
under false pretences, growing
fat and stupid, or old ugly, and
mean as junkyard dogs."