Created: Wednesday, 26 October 2005 Written by Chato
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Oink like a pig. Taking expert advice that most
Ostrichlians don't use their
brains and would not be worse off
if their brains got chewed out
with mad cow disease, the plucky
little arse-sniffing Prime
Malignancy signed Oz up for the
"U.S. Free Trade Agreement" with
the eager support of the
invisible Labor opposition.

What this really means is that
all the infected dead animal and
dairy produce that the USA is not
allowed to feed to its own pigs
can be dumped on the Oz public as
OK for Oz "humans" to eat.

The nature of the FTA is such
that Oz cannot refuse to take the
condemned produce that comes from
a mad cow disease infected
producer as long as the US
"inspectors" say it's OK.

As most Ostrichlians aren't human
anyway, I guess it is OK to feed
them condemned pig food.

Oh well, Oz is now almost the
globalized third-world pest-hole
Oz leaders worked so hard and
long to create.

Good luck little piggies.
Gobble up your reforms.
Now oink for me while you still
have some brain tissue left.