Created: Wednesday, 26 October 2005 Written by Chato
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Oz govt. moves to protect
itself from the terrifying
prospect of a free public.
The Judas Homunculus regime is
whipping up national hysteria
in a bid to quell their own
deep terror of the truth about
anything at all.

The Labor "opposition" has promised
to outbid the Homunculus regime
and will burn all and any books
that contain words longer than
four letters.
"Any citizen involved in the seditious
reading of long words should come under
immediate scrutiny."
thundered the Labor quisling Wind Bagzly.
"We cannot afford to take any chances
when we are fighting a tricky enemy
who hides by being largely fictitious!"

The relieved and grateful citizens
have been camping near local
Howardland Security offices so
they can be first to dob themselves
in and be indefinitely detained
so "we can all be safe now".

One plucky Oz patriot summed up the
terror situation.
"If I seem to be a suspicious character
I demand to be shot in the back so
that I will be able to sleep easy
in future! Who knows what secrets I
may be witholding from myself?
If we all must wear chains to
preserve our precious freedoms,
that is a cheap price to pay!"

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