Australia's New Anti-Liberty Laws

Created: Wednesday, 02 November 2005 Written by ziggy
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What a coincidence! Just as John Howard is forcing his secret "anti-democracy" (aka "anti-terrorism") laws through Parliament, ASIO announces a "likely" home-grown terrorist threat. Who are these terrorists? Where are they? if ASIO knows and these "suspects" are engaged in criminal activities, then charge then, arrest them, and put them o­n trial... otherwise, it's all idealogically driven opportunism of the kind the PM is an expert o­n.

Meanwhile, ASIO pays off a innocent couple who were raided "by mistake", shutting them up to avoid an embarrassing public outcry.

Under Howard's new laws, you wouldn't even know ASIO had stuffed-up... yet again! Farewell, australian democracy, we scarcely knew you.

Read this Payout for victims of ASIO raid:

Iraq: welcome to my nightmare!