Tuesday, 13 September 2016 By Political Desk

Life is tough on the Campaign trail. Stumping up for meetings with the local rabble. Having to deal with hillbillies you normally wouldn’t give your time of day to…

No wonder today’s candidates have been resorting to some ‘medicinal’ help to get them through the long days on the Campaign road.

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However, it seems whatever Hillary’s on, she may have over done it.

To find out what the hell Hillary Clinton has been taking we asked some of the expert Political Pundits of XenoxNews.com. Their sharp minds have been on many election campaigns, and they have seen it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the John Howard.

They know that the stresses and strains of Political Spinning 24/7 can drive even the most Godliest candidate to drink…


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The Hoi Polloi. They wanna be with her, but I am not so sure she wants to be with them…


FlimFlamMan - Catnip.

Digger - Everybody knows that dastardly bitch is on anti-Parkinson drugs. Just that the Liberal media has been hiding it.

Prof Williams - She should be on the Corn Flour. Does you a world of good. You could be knocking on heaven’s door but once you had a toot of this stuff you would be back on your feet and running around like a headless chook.

LordyLordyLordy – Meth. Her and Bill are from Oklahoma after all.

Patriot  - Originally I had my doubts about Hillary, but after careful reflection I think she is the best possible candidate for these dangerous times. I would say it is nothing more than a mild case of the flu, and I expect her back on her feet and in the Oval Office quite soon. And then finally we might make the Mad Mullahs in Tehran quake.


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