The Magical Mystery of Cornflour

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 By Stoned out of my tiny gourd

XENOXNEWS.COM has had a long and abiding interest in alternative chemical realities.

And you can’t get more alternative than with a 'g' of cornflour up your nose :S

Wanna know more? Then read on…


DO you know about the magic of CORNFLOUR?

frank blues

He had some. It served him well.


Its chemical properties are unbounded; it has a myriad of uses.

Besides thickening the sauce…

The Ancient Incas knew its power – it was placed high on their chemical totem pole, even above the mighty Erythroxylum coca.


boney hand

Ancient Inca Gods knew. "I want you to take the Cornflour!"


Today the world’s best and brightest scientists are investigating its magical properties. You can even bounce metal poles of its sticky solution.

If it does that to water imagine what it does to your mind.

crowd control

Get some while you can. Before the squares ban it.


People I give you Corn Flour...


Powder of the Gods!

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