Created: Thursday, 16 November 2006 Written by Chato
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A wonder of nature to behold:
The sensitive nose of the Oz dullard.

The more one learns about nature, the more
one is impressed by the attention to detail
in all things biological.

For instance:-
Take a look at the typical Oz dullard.
It cannot live more than a week at most, without
finding an arse to lick and suck for those
precious bodily fluids. If a suitable arse is not
found, dullard would die. However, Mother Nature
has provided the dullard with a nose that is so
sensitive that it can sniff out a nutritious
arse - even if it is hiding from them!

Even more wondrous is how nature in its generosity
has provided the dullard with many who will offer
their arses for sucking, thereby saving the poor
dullards the effort of using either their noses or
their shrunken brains in their quest for food.

In the next nature article, I shall discuss how
the intricate muscle system in the Oz dullard
tongue works to intake food, and also clean the
butts of others. A lovely example of symbiosis.