OZ PM may be a corpse

Created: Wednesday, 02 May 2007 Written by Chato
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Liberal Party "unworried."

"We always suspected that he had died a few
years back, so we put a cheap animatronic
robot inside his body just in case"
said a highly placed Liberal Party drone.

"When you listen to his voice it sounds
exactly the same - a devitalized sort
of nasal buzz. I doubt we need have him
speak at all, a buzzer would work just
as well and make as much sense. The smell
is getting pretty bad, but that doesn't come
through the TV screen. A bit more Superglue
and I reckon we're in with a chance!"

The Liberal drone looked sad, and said,
"But we miss Kim and Mark, and we could
really use their help one last time. I just
thank God for Duracell!"