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Aussie Fatties Fear Forced Exercise

Created: Tuesday, 04 March 2008 Written by Ricardovitz
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Socialists are upset about new study on rising Obesity

A new report shows the obesity epidemic is reducing the life expectancy of Australians.  This is causing great concern among the Labour Party advocates for reducing rising Obesity among Australians.  O­ne Labour Party representative was overheard mumbling "We have to do something about the strain all of these lard arses are putting o­n our socialized healthcare."  The comment was apparently based o­n a report prepared by researchers from the School of Population Health at the University of Western Australia.

The report, shows the life expectancy of obese Australians is reduced by four years and if present obesity trends in children continue, their life expectancy will fall by two years. 

"And for those kids we have to take action now before it's too late."  This was a specific reference made by Professor Danbe alluding to legislation considered by the Labour Party to mandate limited caloric intake, exercise, monitored fitness programs, and fines for those who do not comply.  Professor Daube says "it is time the Government tackled the problem as a priority."

Professor Daube wants the government to spend tax dollars o­n "tough programs that take o­n all industries" that produce products when ingested in Australian-like quantities makes people obese. 

Professor Daube attributes Australia's obesity problem directly to Australia's affluent society.  Some believe that it is high time that any person who's weight does not fall within proscribed limits should be finded up to $100 per month  for every 10 kilograms over the mandated limit.  Prime Minister Rudd is considering introducing even tougher legislation in Parliament's next session.
World Correspondent: Ricardovitz