Major Research Breakthrough or just More of the Same?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 By Lost in a Poindexter Future

Stick a fucking big magnet next to your head and you can't speak properly.


It is true. Look here.


So if this magnet can control your speech what else can they control? Perhaps other magnets, placed in other positions, can control other thought processes. Control other bodily exertions and semi-autonomous motions.


For instance, would it be possible to control, or perhaps dis-enable the control of ones sex urges with particular combinations of these magnets?


Now that'd be something; wouldn't it!


Feeling horny now? No? Wait a moment, I'll just switch on this magnet...


If magnetic fields can interact and change your brain doesn't that mean that it is possible for us to be controlled from afar. In fact, we may be controlled now without us even being aware.


Those tinfoil hats don't seem so stupid now, do they?



Some are resorting to unusual froms of protection against the magnetic-brain menace.


The thin calcium crust that is your skull is useless as protection against this kind of manipulation. They are probably working on it now; experimenting on us now. Didn't Mohammed Atta have something strange attached to his head that fateful September day?


Whatever is going on, the genie is out the bottle. No turning back. There is only one place this type of research will end up; mind control of the masses. The only question remaining will be whether you will be one of the controlled or one of the controllers.


Thank you and good night.


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