Created: Thursday, 28 October 2004 Written by Submit_News
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You screwhead satan/saddam/commie loving lefties have better wake up! Jesus is coming and if you don’t believe you WILL suffer an eternity of fire and damnation.

Even now the signs are obvious. And now one more piece of the puzzle has been layed out for you to see…
In the latest edition of Nature magazine there is a highly disturbing
on increased sunspot activity. Not since 8000 years ago (the Bible time of creation!) has sunspots been so active the author’s claim!

Read it and weep you lefty atheist fools! For too long you mocked the pious believers of Christ and for your punishment your hairy arses are gunna be transported to the sun to burn ETERNALLY!

Meanwhile I’ll be banging virgins and angels forever in fields of green!

Oh! Praise the Lord!

So stop bitching about lil Johnny winning the election! Forget that. Our only hope is George Dubya getting sent back into the Whitehouse. A man of faith, he is all that stands between our world and the Apocalypse.

God Bless!