Saturday, 08 July 2006 By Professor Williams


Eternal life?
Giant dicks?
The riches of the world?

It can all be yours thanks to the latest work from Xenox Institute!


It has taken experiments with thousands of animals and willing human subjects. The brainwaves expended have spanned the world.

The backyard was filled with blood and skinned mice; the smell from the lab was unbearable but the rewards were heavenly. The eggheads at Xenox Institute have broken the code of life!

It's a secret. They are not fools, they patented it straight away. To have a nibble will cost you the common hoi polloi a fucking fortune. But for us who bankrolled these nerds from the start, well we are going to reap the rewards.

I envision a lifetime of fucking for me.

And because I have no free will now I will not be morally culpable.

And your wife? Well I will fuck her like she is mine.

The new "drugs" the lab coat wearing numbnuts have made will make you roar with life. I am King, you will say, all others get on your knees and beg please....

Xenox Institute. Available for a tax free donation. Talk to your financial advisor. And then tell them to bend over the table as you fuck their ass red raw; with the money you will make this you will be able to do.

"This hurts me more than it hurts you!"

Xenox Institute; putting science to its right use.

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